blog about dogs, horses, flying and photography

blog about dogs, horses, flying and photography


Statt Facebook mit Informationen zu füttern, findet ihr meine Nachrichten nur hier in meinem Blog. Ich habe Facebook sozusagen nur als „Aushang“ damit mich Freunde finden. Nachrichten und Kontakt halte ich aber nur hier.

Hier mehr über Hunde, Pferde, Fliegerei und Fotografie

Instead of feeding Facebook with information you can find my news only here on my blog.I have Facebook just for "being visible on social networks".But news and more you will find here and only here.

Here more about dogs,horses, flying and photography.

Kara Sevda Series Music

More, mehr, mer,...Posted by Michael Wed, January 24, 2018 12:57:29
Something I heard yesterday and I have to share this with my friends here. I never heard about Kara Sevda Series Music before but I guess there will be more soon. Especially the instrumental part went right throug. Find CD`s and texts on my sisters bookshop here.

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